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    The 7th stop of the 2024 Global Fair, ZODO TIRE participate at the China International Tire&wheel(Qingdao) Fair

    On July 10,2024,the highly anticipated 21st China International Tire&wheel Fair grandly opened at the Qingdao World Expo City International Exhibition Center for a period of four days.The Fair brought together many famous tire manufacturers and traders from home and abroad, providing an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of industry development trends and market demands. ZODO TIRE brought its brands GRENLANDER,ILINK,FRONWAY,ZMAX and ROCKBLADE to the fair, with the core concept of "technological innovation and global layout",it displayed a variety of all terrain mud tires, high performance tires and new truck and bus tires to the fair.The new RT off-road tires(PENTERRA R/T),new high performance UHP (ESTRELLA 88),HP (KINGPRO ONE) and new studded snow tires(WINTERNOVA STUD Ⅱ)and many other special patterns have attracted much attention.These products not only cover multiple segments,but also provide comprehensive and mature solutions for different users,focusing on details and quality to meet their personalized and diversified needs. During the fair, ZODO TIRE attracted a large number of buyers to stop and consult with its unique design and excellent technical strength.Every in-depth communication with cust

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    At the 6th stop of the 2024 Global Exhibition, Zodo Tire appearance at the 2024 Cologne Tire Exhibition in Germany

    From June 4 to 6, 2024, the 2024 Cologne Tire Exhibition, Germany, which has attracted the attention of the global tire industry, came to an end at the Cologne International Convention and Exhibition Center.Cologne Tire Show is an international professional trade show in the tire industry, but also a global tire event, this show not only for the global tire manufacturers and suppliers to provide a platform for exchange and cooperation, but also for consumers to bring more diversified, high-quality tire choices.It not only broadens the audience's vision, but also provides new impetus for the development of the global tire industry.

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    At the fifth stop of the 2024 global exhibition, Zodo Tire appeared in the 2024 UAE CHINA TYRE & AUTO PARTS EXPO

    With the beliefs of “global layout of technological innovation”,Zodo tire is determined to provide users with excellent quality and cost-effective product series,and build a set of efficient and convenient after-sales service system.A variety of semi-steel radial tires (PCR) and all-steel radial load tires (TBR) suitable for the Middle East road conditions are displayed to meet the differentiated needs of users for driving in multiple road conditions.

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    ZODO TIRE Co. Shines at Tyrexpo Asia Bangkok 2024: Third Stop of the 2024 Global Expo Tour

    On May 15, the highly anticipated Tyrexpo Asia Bangkok 2024 grandly opened at the Bangkok International Exhibition Center. This expo not only provides a platform for global tire manufacturers and suppliers to exchange and collaborate but also offers consumers a wider range of high-quality tire choices. It broadens the horizons of the audience and provides new momentum for the development of the global tire industry.

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    ZODO Tire Appears at the 2024 Russia International Tire and Rubber Exhibition

    The semi steel leading brands such as GRENLANDER, ILINK, ZMAX, ROCKBLADE,FRONWAY brought by ZODO Tire, as well as the all steel leading brands such as GRENLANDER, ILINK, GOLDSHIELD, FRONWAY, fully demonstrate its profound technological accumulation and product innovation ability in the tire field. The product lines of these brands cover HP, UHP, A/S, EV, H/T, A/T, R/T, M/T, WINTER series, etc., meeting the diverse needs of different user groups. The TBR product line covers multiple characteristic tires, including long-distance fixed load, medium and short distance, and mining areas, reflecting the in-depth understanding and precise positioning of ZODO tires in different application scenarios. Especially the studded series products, due to their excellent performance and reliability, have been highly recognized by customers and have stimulated their willingness to cooperate deeply.

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    The first stop of Global Exhibitions in 2024, ZODO TIRE CO.,LTD successfully attend the 135th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)

    From April 15 to 19, 2024, the 135th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), has a long history, large scale and high level in China, grandly opened in the beautiful Guangzhou.It attracted companies and buyers from all over the world to participate and negotiate.As a professional tire R&D and production manufacturer, ZODO TIRE will once again appear at this exhibition with its professional team, high-quality products and comprehensive services.

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